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Online Coaching

  • Best Value

    Online coaching plan

    Every month
    The online strength & conditioning solution
    • Bespoke comprehensive S&C programme, tailored to you
    • Trusted by multiple olympians and record holders
    • Physiology, wellness and lifestyle support
    • 24/7 support and regular review sessions via videocall
    • Access to the wider PP community
    • Option for a full testing profile and report (on-site only)
  • Online group plan

    Every month
    The Strength & conditioning plan for runners
    • Detailed monthly plan, updated every month
    • Gym sessions and home prehab work
    • structured warm up and mobility plan
    • Introduction to plyometrics
    • Designed to prevent injury and improve performance
    • Improve economy, speed and robustness
    • *Gym access or equipment will be needed for this programme
  • Rebuild gold package

    Every month
    The complete MOT and rebuild package
    • A full comprehensive & tailored Strength & conditioning plan
    • One Sports therapy/ massage treatment per month
    • One face to face testing/ training session per week
    • Comprehensive biomechanical assessment and profiling
    • In depth lifestyle and wellness monitoring and assessment
    • Peak force and power testing and profiling
    • Initial blood lactate profile and training zone report
    • Responsive programming to adapt to unexpected changes
    • 24/7 S&C support
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