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Jake Wightman Team GB 1500m Athlete

I’ve seen massive improvements in my performances since working with Andy. His attention to detail in both his programmes and coaching have had a huge impact on my strength and speed, which have allowed me to run faster and race better. Hes also addressed my specific weaknesses to keep me injury free for longer.


Harvey Dixon, Gibraltar 1500m/ Steeplechase Athlete

I feel a more balanced athlete after benefiting from Andy's creative gym programmes. No stone is left unturned in pursuit of greater performance and reducing the risk of injury, which helped me massively in the build up to the Commonwealth Games.There's always reasoning behind each exercise and support is always on hand!

Suzanne Taylor, Business owner and WBFF Fitness Competitor

I’ve had personal training before, but this is far more professional and comprehensive than anything I’ve experienced before. I’ve been working with Andy for more than 12 months and would recommended Andy and to anyone who is looking to improve their health and fitness. I have regular reviews with Andy to set goals and review progress, not just relating to exercise but things like stress, sleep, diet and managing my workload. I’m really proud of the positive changes I’ve made and the results I’ve achieved and will be carrying on my training with Andy to keep pushing myself and learning new things.


Sally, HR Director

I have been training with Andy for 18 months plus and due to his encouragement, motivation and technical expertise I have made really great progress from not being able to lift my ski's ( seriously!) to taking up climbing, skiing with confidence after a 20 year break and running a 10k! Andy's real USP as a PT is his personal drive and real commitment to helping you succeed - whatever you goals he is relentlessly optimistic in challenging you and keeping you on track with good humour!

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